Kartris User Guide

17.18. Realex

Realex is a popular payment system for the UK and Ireland.

17.18.1. Setup within Kartris

  1. Go to Configuration > Payment and Shipping Gateways and click to edit Realex.
  2. MerchantID - supplied by Realex. This is not the merchant number supplied by your bank.
  3. SharedSecret - This is supplied by Realex. It is used in the generation of the SHA1 hash. If this does not match the one on Realex, transactions will not be accepted by the gateway.
  4. ProcessCurrency - You must set this config setting to the 3 letter ISO currency code of your Realex account. For example, if your account processes Euros, this setting must be set to ‘EUR’. Setting this config setting correctly ensures that all orders will be converted to Euros prior to passing over to Realex. If you don’t set this (and your store supports multiple currencies), you will pass orders in GBP or USD to the Realex gateway, but it assume these amounts are in Euros.
  5. AutoSettleFlag - Used to signify whether or not you wish the transaction to be captured in the next batch or not. If '1', then all the transactions will automatically be settled in the next batch. If '0' it means that you will manually settle transactions after the goods have been shipped.
  6. URL - address of the secure payment page on the Realex site.
  7. ReturnTSS - Use to signify whether or not you want to use Realex’s Transaction Suitability Score. If this is '1', six additional fields will also be supplied to Realex in every transaction (shipping code, shipping country, billing code, billing country, customer id, customer email). Otherwise, set to '0'.

17.18.2. Setup within Realex

Before you can use Realex’s Realauth Redirect, you must first provide Realex with the URL of your callback page. This should be:


(this is URL-mapped to the Callback.aspx file by Kartris)

The response URL is to be mailed to support@realexpayments.com. You can also have an HTML template uploaded to the Realex Payment servers so that the redirection should resemble the rest of the shopping experience (or else it will use Realex’s default template). You can send your template to them via same email address. For further info, check the Realex developer's guide.

In case Realauth is unable to contact your callback page, you can set a static success/failure message. This can be done at Realex's administration web site (Realex will have supplied you with access details).

17.18.3. Custom response template

It is also possible to customize the look and feel of the HTML response Realex sends to users with a template on your Kartris site. If present, this will be used to format the response Kartris sends to Realex when an order is called back. Realex then relays this HTML to the customer.

The response to Realex from Kartris is formatted using a file which should be placed here on your site:

/Skins/[your skin]/templates/Callback_Realex.html
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