Kartris User Guide

17.2. 2Checkout

2Checkout is a popular online payment service. Its primary feature is that it is easy and quick to setup an account and start receiving orders, and that it is available to companies and individuals in most countries.

17.2.1. Setup within Kartris

  1. Go to Configuration > Payment and Shipping Gateways and click to edit 2Checkout.
  2. For 'friendly name', you can enter '2Checkout', or just simply 'Credit Card'. This is just the name of the payment method that customers will get to choose on the web site during checkout if you have multiple payment methods.
  3. Change the status from 'OFF' to 'ON' (for live orders) or 'TEST' or 'FAKE' for testing. 'TEST' invokes a demo order, allowing you to test the full integration and pass multiple orders at zero cost without needing to do refunds. 'FAKE' means that Kartris will skip the 2Checkout site and instead format a post back itself to the callback page of Kartris. This is useful for testing that the callback process works, triggers the appropriate emails and so on without keep having to keep going through the 2Checkout payment process.
  4. Set your 'SID', which is the vendor number assigned to you by 2Checkout.

17.2.2. Setup within 2Checkout

In order to ensure that 2Checkout calls back your Kartris site to notify it that a payment for a particular order was made so that confirmation mails can be sent and the order can be tagged as 'paid', you need to set up a few things within your 2Checkout account.


  1. Login to 2Checkout and go to Account > Site Management.
  2. The 'Approved URL' will be http://www.mysite.xyz/Callback-2checkout.aspx and the 'Direct Return' should be set to 'Immediately return to my web site'.

2Checkout should now be set up and working. We would advise that you always test a site in live mode when you first open it (status = 'ON') even if all the test modes checked out ok. This confirms that everything is working with Kartris and that your account with 2Checkout is live and working. The best way is to create a low value product of a dollar which you can purchase.

17.2.3. Currencies

2Checkout does support multiple currencies, but its conversion rates are quite poor. Furthermore, it stores currencies in US Dollars. So a merchant based in the UK who chooses to receive payments in GBP will see these converted to USD for storage. If the merchant chooses to receive payment in GBP, the USD amount will then be converted again to GBP for the wire transfer.

To avoid losses in currency conversion, we recommend only using US Dollars for 2checkout - encourage your customers to pay in USD (their credit card company will convert at a better rate than the one 2Checkout would present to them) and have 2Checkout wire the money to you in USD, for your bank to convert to local currency.
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