3.6.6. Full-text search (FTS)

MS SQL has a feature called 'full text search' that significantly improves the performance of text searches across data, especially on very large databases with many records. This feature of MS SQL is installed with the 'advanced services' version, and therefore may not be available on all installations. For this reason, we don't activate it as standard. On smaller sites, the performance different with and without FTS isn't significant. You will probably find it simpler not to use this feature.

But larger sites will get a huge benefit from this; especially when you have tens of thousands of items, or more.

Before attempting to activate this feature, check that your server supports it by expanding your database and looking for the 'full text catalogs' folder, as shown below.
If the feature is supported, clicking the link within the FTS tab in your Kartris back end will create the required stored procedures and activate the feature. Searches in both the front and back ends of Kartris will use FTS. For this reason, even stores with a relatively small number of products but with a large customer/order database may also decide to use FTS to improve performance of back end searches.